Drury Loyalty Society

Established to recognize all alumni and friends who have made a gift to Drury, at any level and to any program, consecutively for at least 10 years.


New Loyalty Society Members 2010-11

Tom and Pamela Von Nostrand Vybiral -/'73
Robert Morriss -'79
Dr. Hugh Burtner '56
Mark and Martha Blosser Roberts -/'82
Lawrence and Dr. Nancy Tisdale O'Reilly '68/'71
Charles and Patricia Christiansen '59/-
Kazuhide and Manako Nishino '66/-
Bradley and Lynette Place '93/-
Larry and Colleen Gregory Andrews -/'03
Dr. Daniel and Buanna Matthews Beach -/'83
Richard and JoAnn Bell '52/-
The Hon. Dennis Budd and Sandra Skinner '70/-
Michael and Jane Buono
James and Judy A. Carmichael '67/-
Stephen and Carolyn Miller Cheavens '70/'70
David and Barbara Shim Chow -/'53
Manford and Jeanette Herman Craig -/'66
Michael M. Cunniff '64
Tristan and Janet Davies
Drs. Donald Deeds and Vickie Luttrell '69/'86
Gale and Becky Edwards '99/-
Dr. Steven Ellis '87
Dr. Charles and Kathleen Estus '52/-
Joseph R. and Mary Rosner Freund '64/'69
John and Freda Berner Gentry -/'82
Deanna J. Hansen '58
Dr. Brant and Miki Hinrichs
Paul and Doris Hungerford '74/-
Jeffrey Hutchens '72
Gerry Johnson
Robert and Carlee Claxton Johnson '56/'55
Barbara Welhoelter Jones '53
Kurt and Kim Keltner '72/-
Dexter and Jeanne Kuhlman '66/- 



John and Carolyn Junge Loomis '51/-
Michael and Tabitha Baker Mailhes '68/'68
Francis McClernon '62
Wayne and Janis O'Connell McCosker -/'76
Betty Meacheam
Dr.s Peter Meidlinger and Hue-Ping Chin
Bruce and Patti Moore
Gino and Karen Nanninga
Kirk and Jill Presley '80/-
Richard and Mary Ann Rebori '63/-
J. David and Janice Reed '60/-
Joyce Walker Roberts '83
Bill and Judy Lyons Robinett '73/-
Dr. Rabindra Roy
Dr. Protima Kumar Roy
Michael and Amy Schnake
Steven Seibert '88
Karen Shannon '82
Richard L. and Scotti Fraley Siebert -/'79
Reba Sims
Dr. Charles and Jan Taylor
Scott and Kim Thomas '68/-
Wallis and Connie Crain Thompson '75/'76
Rudolph and Phyllis Wertime
John and Bonnie Wilcox
Bill and Roberta Wilson
Timothy Wolters
Darian and Sarah Phillips Younger '00/'02

Loyalty Society

Floyd and Jeanette Cantlon Adams -/'58
Dr Robert and Patricia Adams '64/-
William and Sharon Bailey Adams '64/'65
Steven Adams '86
Carl and Diane Ahlemeyer '75/-
Dr Julie Alford '85
Dr John and Edith Allen '48/-
Sandra Blackwell Allen '63
Peter Ames '81
Glenn and Andria Cummings Anderson -/'74
Catherine O'Reilly Anderson '50
Drs Mark and Daphne Anderson '78/-
Virgil Anderson '46
Dr Ralph Andreano '52
Elese Anthony
Craig and Dr Cynthia Schwab Aossey '94/'94
Bob and Miona Crane Armstrong -/'50
James and Charlotte Arndt '63/-
Donna Poore Atchley '48
Ancell and Karen Tompkins Atkins '60/'71
Nancy Jones Aton '46
Randall and Pam Bachus '87/-
Wilma Coffield Baker'41
Michelle Baltz '87
Beauford and Carol Farnham Bancroft '48/'46
Rev John Bartlett '54
Linda Dickison Bass '88
Craig and Nancy Cox Battersby '74/'75
Jay and Joan Bender '59/-
Jeffrey and Debbie Berger '74/-
Stephen and Nancy Bergmann '64/-
John and Crystal Tinlin Beuerlein '75/'75
Donald and Delores Biggers
Clarence Billings '58
Terry and Beverly Barnett Blackwell '61/'62
James and D'Arcy Butzer Blosser '73/'75
William and Frances Williams Blumfelder -/'64
Dr *Arlie and Norma Williams Bonar '47/'48
James and Deborah Bone '80/-
Dr Mac Bonebrake '43
Frances Durr Borg '49
Marion Katka Boshart '52
Amine Boustani '94
Dr George Bramer '54
K Jane Brite '68
Dr Loren and Nancy Broaddus '57/-
Carlton and Linda Nunley Brown -/'68
Nancy Morrison Brown '62
Drs Peter and Carol Esther Browning -/'78
Judith Vaughan Bruhn '64
Barbara Karbe Brunkhorst '50
Walter and Gwyndolyn Johnson Brunkhorst '53/'53
James and Marilyn Bogle Buchholz '57/'62
Dr Frank and Carolyn Burns '82/-
Virginia Cox Bussey '55
Gerald and Sandra Stover Buyan -/'85
John and Elaine Tewell Buzan -/'63
William and Mary Boyd Cain -/'56
Randall and Lynn Cain '84/-
Jeanine Scott Campbell
J Wendell Carey '50
Shirley Carr '64
Leo and Ernestine Carroll
John and Geraldine Carson '50/-
Kenneth and Pat Carter '64/-
Dr Thomas and Carrie Carter '76/-
Johnnie Kaye Romine Carver '68
Milton and Sue Chamberlin '54/-
J Aleen Chaney '63
David and Sue Ann Beedle Childers '76/'77
James "Wayne" and Stephanie Chapman Chipman '91/'93
Lynn and Kathy Chipperfield '73/-
David Clark '85
Revs Galen and Diane Clark '57/-
Mark Clippard '79
Jerry and Marilouise Clopton '75/-
William Cole '50
Dr Ted Colson '50
Marjorie Owen Cook '47
Thomas Coppage '58
Polly Copper '55
Michael and Susan Coppock '68/-
Evan and Jane Davis Copsey '55/'54
Edwin Cox '69
Dr Ted and Janel Cox '85/-
Robert and Mary Voges Cox '67/'66
William and Wendy Craigmiles '64/-
Jason Crouch '98
Stan and Joan Cummings '49/-
David and Marilynn Tredway Cunningham '51/'52
Donald and Virginia Dailey
Harriett Legg Dame '62
Rev Dirk Davenport '59
Warren and Anne Long Davis '59/'62
Mark and Jo-Alice Nichols Davis -/'69
Robert and Tamara Flikkema de Wild -/'92
Marjorie Duncan Dean '49
Pamela Johnson Dela Vega '82
Dr John and Ruth Denton '71/-
Michael and Barbara Wolff DePue -/'89
Robyn Devore '93
Betty Long Dickey '46
David and Jane Dill '71/-
David Dillingham '60
Dr Robert and Jeanette Teiber Diamond '56/'56
Cynthia Dixson '84
Rev Vernon Dolde '50
Daniel and Margaret Killough Drago '51/'51
James and Joan Drake '61/-
Robert Drake '60
Nick and Batrice Mitchell Drobac -/'57
Bill and Merrill Cope Drummond -/'65
Peggy Dugge '58
John and Shirley Duke '82/-
Betty Cole Dukert '49 and Joseph Dukert
Jeff and Dr Connie Keith Dunaway -/'89
Richard and Jane Thomas Dunn '58/'58
John and Jacquelyn Kidd Dushko -/'46
Dr Richard and Betty Duvall '56/-
Jon and Joanie Dyer '76/-
Greg and Dr Valerie Hackman Eastman -/'84
Randall and Marsha Robbins Eaton '74/'75
Dr Allen and Clara Bess Eikner '49/-
Arthur and Jean Heitmann Elbert '50/'49
Benny and Beverly Hickman Ellis -/'73
Harry and Suzanne Stout Ellis -/'53
John and Anna Etherington '56/-
Carl and Donna Evans
Doris Everheart
Dean and Janet Fales '39/-
Gene and Nancy Luster Farthing -/'40
Virgil and Rose Marie Reed Feazell -/'48
Sister Josephine Fenske '76
Dr John and Pat Ferguson '36/-
James Ferrell '63
Frances Turner Ferris '77
Frederick and Carolyn Fieker '49/-
Philip and Barbara Boulware Fitzpatrick '59/'60
Dr Donald and Grace Eisenach Flesche '56/'56
Mark and Dr Pamela Swartz Fly -/'84
Roy and Mary Gabbert Freund '52/'53
Peter and Nancy Taylor Ganyard -/'49
Anita Collier Garber '52
Gary and Karen Garwitz
Jeffrey and Nancy Rellergert Gass '91/'91
David and Alberdine Gaston '58/-
Boyd and Marcia Kinder Geer '52/'53
David and Sandra Gibbs '94/-
M Roland and H Joann Moore Gillett '44/'44
Ed Smith and Jane McHaney Glass -/'61
Dr Lehman and Elizabeth Wiles Godwin '83/'83
Ralph and Rose Mary Goerke '50/-
S David and Billie Farrar Gohn '64/'65
Judith Good
Ralph and Anna Goos '60/-
Dr Don Gose '43
Dr Stephen and Ann Bonebrake Grace '68/'69
John and Mary Miller Grady -/'55
Wilbert and Shirley Grannemann '56/-
John and Margery White Graves -/'53
Ben and Mildred Martin Groenewold -/'56
Rev Neal Grubaugh '50
Michael and Laura Rushing Gunnels '90/'92
Dr Earl and Shirley Kanehl Hackett '53/'54
Darin and Nicole Hackmann '89/-
William and Martha Dederick Hall '52/'53
Jack and Suzanne Franklin Hall -/'78
David and Kimberly Harrison Hamm -/'86
Dr John and Mary Lisa Hammon '64/-
Clifford and Patsy Hulsey Hammond '60/-
Dr John Q and Juanita Hammons H'87/-
Dennis and Ann Porowski Handschu -/'78
Randal and Elaine Hankins '73/-
Robert and Becky Hankins '73/-
Dr Deborah Pickett Hanson '73
*Wayne Hargis '49
Dr James and Janice Mantle Harrison -/'56
Dr Jesse and Pam Hartley '72/-
J Mark and Laura Hedgpeth Haseltine '77/'78
Walter and Nan Lea Haskins '77/-
Kenneth and Mary Ann Hassler '69/-
Donald and Wanda Thompson Hawkins -/'46
Dr Emily Haymes '61
Dr Irvin L. and Marcia Heimburger '53/-
Helen Wilborn Helson '52
Bob and Julie Marrs Hendrickson -/'82
Garold and Louise Henson
Betty Lou Henss '50
Dr Kenneth and Mary Ann Herfkens
Marc and Rebecca Yarnall Herron '92/'96
Dr John and Dorothy Herweg '43/-
James and Margaret Ann Hickman '48/-
Dr Wayne Higley '53
Carolyn Dudeck Hileman '56
Sidney and Nancy Hirsch '71/-
Lee and Barbara Schmidt Hirsh -/'54
Dr. Donald and Ann Hodge '61/-
Rev. Rex and Mary Severn Hodge '58/'73
Thomas and Janet Holcomb '88/-
Marjory Hynes Holt '57
Michael and Angela Bullock Homeyer '93/'94
The Hon. E. Mitchell and Judy Hough '58/-
Louis and Mary Howard '59/-
John and Donna Garrison Howerton -/'82
John and Karen Hudgens '72/-
Ann Torrens Huesemann '89
Robert and Louise Huitt '50/-
Malcolm and Jana Hume Hukriede -/'71
Stephen and Joyce Brown Ihnow -/'73
Stephen and Joyce Ihnow -/'73
Darrel and Margaret Jackson '64/-
Mildred Tindle Jarratt '48
Joshua and Gina Stewart Jarvis -/'90
Carol Hurtgen Jaudes '58
Rev Max and Peggy Jenkins '56/-
Roberta Muirhead Jenkins '58
Wesley Jenkins '54
Terry and Tracy Johnson Jensen -/'82
Harold John '48
Harry and Christine Johnson '69/-
Grant and Shannon Bertholdi Johnson '97/-
*Lewis and Gerry Johnson
Tim and Michele Ford Johnson '70/'70
Richard Johnson '47
Dr James and Patricia Jolliff '76/-
Aaron and Cara Jones '95/-
Eugene Jones
Dr Jeffrey Jones '97
Hartzell and Marsha Brooks Jones -/'70
Lloyd and Mildred Mackey Jones -/'59
Nalleyn Smith Jones '54
Virginia Franklin Jones '71
Jerry and Carolyn Julian
Tom and Camille Kellogg '58/-
William and Mary Kerr '71/-
Dr John and Gail Kiefer '52/-
William Kiefer
Dr Richard and Jean Davenport Killough -/'72
Robert Kinloch '62
Bob and Barbara Warttig Kipfer -/'89
Paul and Dyanne Kirk '66/-
Clyde and Dorothy Cribbs Kirkbride -/'46
Dr Kenneth and Lenore Knabb '38/-
William and Norma Day Knight -/'51
Harold and Capt Cynthia Chalfant Kunkel '78/'77
John Kunkel '50
John Walkowiak and Dr Cynthia Lais -/'67
Cliff and Mary Sue Franks Lancaster -/'44
Rev Ted and Thelma Landis '50/-
Helen Baldwin Langston '39
Charlotte Goss Larson '50
George and Kathy Ausburn Latimer '70/'70
John and Sue Turrentine Lawson -/'55
Andrew and Cindy Lear
Robert and Marguerite Wetzel Lee '50/'50
William "Rick" and Dr Sandra Lester '74/-
Fred Lethco '58
Don Leupold '92
Robert and Dorothy Lick '44/-
Scott and Kerri Logan '96/-
Betty Lolkes '65
Ralph and Evelyn Shane Looney '56/-
Charlotte Huff Lowther '47
Phillip and Patricia Pettitt Loyd '74/-
Peggy Lusk '47
Dr Thomas and Saunny Burks Lynch '65/'65
Robert Lynn '74
*Dorothy Hoss Lyons '42
John and Elizabeth Maggs '56/-
Terry and Linda Logan Maienschein '67/'66
Robert and Catherine Malone '56/-
Janell Manley '75
Richard and Cheron Mann '61/-
Terry Tucker Markway '74
Donald and Ruth Kallemeier Martin '56/'54
Donald and Kathleen Martin '75/-
John Martin '64



Mary Sanford Martin '46
Frederick and Janice Wyckoff Mason '51/'52
Stephen and Paula Hopkins McBurnett -/'97
James and Mary Crawford McDaniel -/'53
Robert and Melissa Berlin McGuire -/'76
Dr Robert McKinnell '49
William McNew '69
Leila Chandler Medley '59
*John and Betty Miller '54/-
Richard and Maureen Miller '58/-
Harry and Florence Snidow Moline '56/'58
Leah Ettien Moody '58
James and Cheryl Moon '55/-
Edward and Barbara Smith Moore '51/'54
Harold and Jo Anne Niewoehner Moore '50/'52
James and Suzanne Hicks Moore '63/'65
Dr John and Christie Threnn Morehead '71/'71
Herman Morris
David and Sarah Stewart Morrison '71/'73
George and Alice Moulton '41/-
Truman and Elaine Nall '50/-
John and Rebecca Vuch Nelsen -/'76
Col Janice Nelson '72
Philip and Kristen Anderson Nelson -/'70
Ronald and Catherine Cox Neville '69/'71
Maybelle Newby-Bennett
Susan Mullins Newton '86
Dr David and Carol Nibert '86/-
Dr *Jack and Martha North '41/-
Melvin and Carol Whipple Norton -/'59
Randy and Susan Schuchardt Nottle -/'94
Steven and Linda Nurnberg '71/-
Keith and Gertrude Minard Oberbeck -/'66
Evan and Leah Odden '57/-
Cornelia Findlay Odom '49
King and Susanne Logan O'Neal -/'53
David O'Reilly '71
William and Louise Overbey '51/-
William and Carole Owen '75/-
Charles and Karen Sippel Pace '70/'85
Bill and Betty Mathias Palen -/'56
Stephen and Patsy Palmer '62/-
Fred and Rae Kanehl Palmerton -/'57
Ben Parnell '39
Gregory and Beth Patterson '72/-
Tom and Kim Young Payne '94/'94
Jack and Michele Gallais Peacher '63/'64
Orville and Janet Pelkey '59/-
Martha Winnecke Pendleton '62
Jeanne Bender Perkins '56
J Max and Jane Perryman '66/-
Bill and Leann Barron Phillips -/'63
Sue Cook Phillips '60
Rev. Larry Pigg '58
Billy Moore Piland '73
*Robert and Billy Moore Piland '73/'73
John and Jean Plag '49/-
Dr Jerry and Carol Poe '53/-
Earl Pool
Dr Mary Jane Pool '46
Dr David and Debra Porter '83/-
Gerald and D Jane Keltner Posakony -/'53
George and Patsy Witherspoon Poulos -/'47
Dr Edwin and *Jacqueline Holt Powell '44/'44
Dr Bill and Marie Haas Prater '46/'54
Robert and Dr Sharon Warren Price '59/'63
Dr Kent and Tamera Eagleburger Price -/'88
Dr Leonard Pronko and Takao Tomono '47/-
Bill and Joyce Fryer Pyle '60/'56
Lucille Davidson Rainwater '44
Virginia Ralston
James and Christine Quinn Randolph '73/'73
George and Jane Reynolds Rankin -/'39
James and Sandra Rau '73/-
Mary Lou Humphreys Raymond '50
Jerry and Jeanne Pennington Redfern '57/'57
Lyle and Nell Reed '70/-
Wendell and Joan Reed '44/-
Timothy and Kim Reese '85/-
Reed Reynolds '60
Glenn Richardson '65
Eleanor Greig Rickerson '46
John "Bill" and Camille Curtis Ricketts '71/'65
Robert and Mary Jean Moore Riddle -/'47
Ryan and Michelle Rieger '85/-
John Riordan '49
Larry and Gretta Robb '56/-
Leroy Robberson
William and Jo Hopkins Roberts '68/'67
Larry and Maribeth Masterson Robertson -/'92
Dr Russell and Brenda Robinson '74/-
Elizabeth Rollen Moss '60
Rev Ned and Charlotte Romine '43/-
*Phillip and Bianca Roper
Philip and Kay Leaming Roush -/'72
Dr Debra Royce '76
Betty Rozzell '65
Oliver and Dorothy Russ '45/-
Marion Russell
Dr Wallace O. Russell
Dorothy Lindecker Russo '45
Dudley and Georgia Clark Sadler -/'62
George and Jean Coombs Sallwasser -/'48
Theodore and *Sharon Downen Salveter '58/'59
John and Paula Bowman Sandford '51/'53
Revs John and Paula Bowman Sandford '51/'53
Dr Joe M. Sandven '52
Konrad and Nancye Reasner Sauer -/'85
Richard and Sybil Killebrew Scarsdale -/'54
Wayne and Jo Scheer
Daniel and Susan Schettler '67/-
William and Kimberly Bosley Schlecht '78/'79
Daniel Schliemann '71
Calvin Schoene '53
Betty Eisenmayer Schuster '59
Carl and Vivian Schwab '51/-
Jeffrey and Sara Schwab '89/-
Rev David and Lori Burrell Scott '79/'80
James and Ruby Jane Hendrickson Scott '50/'48
Randall and Deborah Nowotny Seeley '70/'70
Fred and Anna Peters Seewoester '70/'70
Mike and Jana Roper Setzer -/'78
Anthony and Linda Simpson Shalloup '88/-
George and *Betty Nelson Shannon '46/'46
Dr Roger and Lisa Fitzpatrick Shaw '88/'87
Dr Jack and Melba Shewmaker H'00/-
Donald and Ruth Gatton Shook '58/'56
David and Mary Sigmon '67/-
James and Phyllis Hull Skidmore -/'79
Shepard and Norma Sloane '53/-
Dr David and Anne Smid
Annette Smith '61
Dr Richard and Carol Smith '47/-
James and Doris Uhlmann Smith -/'65
Rev Elton Smith '50
J Stanley and Frances Smith '49/-
James and Peggy Atkins Smith '54/'52
Don and Marilyn Peiter Smith -/'63
James and Rosemary Drennen Sparks -/'63
Tom and Regina Chudomelka Spriggs -/'72
Roberta Prater Springer '49
Russell Staley '84
Joni Stant '97
William and Ouida Stakes Steinkamp -/'65
Dan and Laurel Shealy Stevenson -/'86
Dr Wendell and Darwanna Stewart '68/-
Susan Allen Stewart '68
Dr Kelley Still '92
Dr Richard Stolp '45
Thomas and Pamela Hackmann Stout '69/'69
James Strassner '65
Margaret Clayton Stribling '55
Janet Hoetker Strube '72
Thomas and Holly Stuber '66/-
Gene and Patsy Shean Summers '63/'64
Charles Sumners '55
Randall and Debby Sutter '74/-
Elizabeth Swinney
Thomas and Delores Teeters '71/-
Michael and Suzanne Thomas
Dr Robert and Judy Grier Thompson '53/'61
Patricia Foster Thompson '48
Charles and Ruth Beck Thompson -/'79
John and Leslie Skinner Thomson '73/'73
Ted and Alice Thornton '76/-
Charles and Inez Tillman '50/-
Dr Charles and Bonnie Tillman '78/-
Donald and Phyllis Shirk Tisdale -/'42
Gail Toalson '82
George and Dorothy Hoffman Tongue -/'46
David and Kerry Townsend '97/-
Christopher Morris and Pam Triplett -/'89
Mary Beth Tripp '78
Dr W Yates and Janet Steinmetz Trotter -/'53
Michael and Alice Crowder Trumblee -/'47
Brennan and Debra Smith Tucker '94/'95
Betty Jane Rathbone Turner '44
Clyde and Susan Ujiki '62/-
Robert and Carolyn Gabbert Upshaw '54/'57
Randall and Cathryn Wilson Van Landuyt '76/'76
William and Kathleen Vaughan '74/-
Eugene and Emily Taylor Viets -/'46
Robert and Janet Vigen Levy -/'91
William and Shirley Virdon '53/-
Jerry and Elizabeth Rosner Von Rohr '66/'66
Laurence and Joan Viets VonStroh -/'48
Dr John and Louise Wagner '49/-
Charlotte Walch '49
Orville and Eunice Schmiechen Wallar '61/'63
Larry and Patricia Aulick Wallis '66/'72
Ronald and Judith Walsworth '58/-
Larry and Cheryl Sommerfrucht Walter -/'68
John and Lori Wanamaker
Frank and Margaret Zibilski Wann '57/'62
Philip and Donna Wilkerson Ward -/'88
Heath and Elizabeth Spain Ward -/'97
Joseph and Nancy Hamacher Warren '73/'73
Dr Robert and Jane Warren '68/-
William and Jean Wasson
Carol Kahler Waters '61
Delores Sheppard Watkins '50
Welzie and Juanita Webb
Welzie W. and Juanita Webb '48/-
Darin and Nancy Wedgeworth '95/-
David Weems '45
Larry and Susan Wunnenberg Wehrman -/'73
*Charles and Carolyn Welch '50/-
*Mary Welch
Benning and Judith McCormack Wentworth -/'65
Mary Beth Wert '80
Don Wessel
Mary Ellen Porter Wheeler '40
Charles and Nickie White '67/-
Karen Diesing White '67
Robert and Suzanne Dischbein White '64/'66
Bernard and Cheryl Baldwin Whitley -/'83
Richard and Ellen McCrae Whittingham -/'62
Dennis and Jill Wilson Wiggins -/'94
John and Georgiana Wiles '67/-
Jerry and Deloris Churchill Williams '62/'61
Julane Brown Williams '85
Edward and Beth Williamson
C Edwin and Susan Wilson '69/-
J Randolph and Margery Long Wilson '50/'51
William and Peggy Widders Wooden -/'69
William and Janet Woolsey '65/-
Rosalie O'Reilly Wooten '64
Robert Wright '50
Dr Christian and Cynthia Tygard Wunderlich '78/'78
John and Nancy Wylie '70/-
Elzene Kaderly Yancey '41
Susanne Weber Young '57


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