miranda noland

Alumni Profile: Miranda Noland '06

Don’t you wish you had an awesome job that you could do in your pajamas? Well Miranda Noland ’06 knows how to do a full day’s work without even putting on her shoes. As the senior digital photo editor for Latina Media Ventures, Noland works with photos that are posted on Latina.com and The Latin Kitchen websites. But she was not always so sure what she wanted to do with her life. Noland’s Drury experience gave her the confidence to go out into the world and take a chance on a dream job that would truly make her happy.

A native of Joplin, Missouri, Noland arrived at Drury in 2001 with the desire to become an architect. She had wanted to design houses since she was eight years old. Skyscrapers had little appeal for her: she wanted to design buildings in which she could see families living and loving. One semester into her architecture studies at Drury passed, and she knew that architecture was not the profession for her. But she had not wasted her time. The one and only architecture class she took during that first semester introduced her to Photoshop, a program that she enjoyed learning. The more she became familiar with Photoshop, the more she realized that art was her calling. While completing her majors in art history, fine arts, and design arts, Noland found work designing at Mikel-Brock, an advertising agency in Joplin.

Though discovering her passion for art was a momentous point in Noland’s life at Drury, her experience studying abroad changed her view on the world-at-large. Noland spent two semesters studying abroad, one semester in London and one semester in Greece. She says, “Study abroad makes you see the possibilities- it made the world bigger and smaller at the same time.” Her time away from the Midwest finally gave her the ability to view the world as a whole, and her travels gave her the confidence to move to New York City and start a career in photography.

Noland’s first career ventures in the art world took her to New York’s Fashion Week and the Oscars. She worked as a photo editor for Wire Image, a company that photographs celebrities at industry events. From this job, she learned that even though Drury prepared her for many aspects of living in the real world, she found it difficult to stand out in the big city. But Noland learned quickly how to work in a fast-paced workplace and succeed in a demanding industry.

Today, Noland edits photos for Latina Media Ventures. A longtime lover of fashion, she also contributes writing content to some of the company-owned websites. The flexibility and lack of 9-to-5 hours allows her to go home to Missouri quite a bit. Since all she needs to work is the Internet, she is not required to take vacation or sick hours. Noland advises students who want to find success like hers to “Follow your heart. I wouldn’t be happy if I had listened to people telling me that art was not what I should pursue.” 

Written by Megan Waterman '13