Big Plans for a Bright Future: Matthew Hudson ’00

Matthew HudsonIt’s an exciting time for Dr. Matthew Hudson, a Drury graduate from 2000, who has recently been promoted to Coordinator of Operations for Secondary Education with Springfield Public Schools.

Hudson has received a double major in English and Secondary Education at Drury, and then graduated with his masters in educational administration at Missouri State in 2004. He also received his doctorate at St. Louis University in executive educational leadership in 2011.

Starting in 2005, Dr. Hudson served eight years as an assistant principal for Parkview High School in Springfield, Missouri. “During my time at Parkview, I oversaw a lot of the construction projects. We had a 20 million dollar renovation during my time there and I worked with a lot of contractors and architects.” Hudson describes his time at Parkview as taking care of a lot of the business services for the school. Of course, he was also extremely involved with the students and their parents. “I was active in the PTA and always worked on developing relationships with parents and students. We have the largest endowment fund, which really helps the kids, so we actively tried to work on growing that endowment.”

Now with his new promotion, Matt plans to oversee the district’s satellite programs such as the WOLF Program, Middle College, and E-learning – a new online learning opportunity for students. Hudson will also be paying particular attention to attendance services across the district. “I’m going to be evaluating and working with attendance advisors all over the district. The satellite programs get most of their funding based on students’ attendance, so we will be doing a lot to increase that. Plus, it is always important to keep kids in school.”

Dr. Hudson will definitely have a big year ahead of him as he continues to plan for the future. Matt is also adjusting to a new life of marriage with his new wife, Pamela Michelle Goldschmidt. The couple has been married since June 22, 2013.

Written by Sarah Lee ’16