School of Education & Child Development: Dr. Laurie Edmondson

As the School of Education and Child Development makes many adjustments as a whole, Laurie Edmondson, Ed.D., has also been settling into her position of interim director. Edmondson is a well-seasoned educator; she spent 13 years teaching in public schools before working at Drury for the past 10 years. Over the past several years, the School has seen many changes, which Edmondson considers positive. As the field of education is constantly evolving and being updated, the instructors and students must stay informed on new technology and concepts to create 21st century learners. For example, the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has changed the teacher preparation and assessment standards, as well as changing certification requirements. In addition, the graduate program has a new emphasis: an M.Ed. in instructional leadership.

On October 25, 2013, the Developing Success for Youth (DSY) conference for the education department will be open to all education faculty, students, and local teachers. Dr. Carol Tomlinson, an expert in differentiated instruction, will be speaking. This November, the School will have its accreditation visit, which is a very exciting time for Edmondson and everyone involved.

While the School has seen many changes over the years, one constant has remained for Edmondson: “outstanding students that do outstanding things.” There will be many opportunities for alumni to stay connected. Workshops will be held with alumni and current student teachers; alumni are invited to participate in accreditation visits. According to Edmondson, a newsletter is in the works, and communication (including career updates and suggestions) are welcome. To stay updated, visit

Written by Brooke Dacquisto ’16