Alumni Spotlight

Will McPherson '09 



Who scales up a rugged rock, rafts down a raging river, and shoots for the shining stars? Will McPherson '09 does it all and more. A self-proclaimed adventurer, McPherson not only experiences the thrill of the outdoors; he records these incredible life experiences through his photography. After graduating from Drury with a Visual Communications and Fine Arts double major, McPherson created his own photography business in New Mexico.

McPherson began taking photos in high school and became more involved in the art of photography throughout his college years. His professors, Dudley Murphy and Sean Terry encouraged McPherson to pursue his interest in photography and turn it into a passion. His photos were published in The Drury Mirror and utilized by the Communications Department. Embarking on study abroad programs to Peru, Greece, and Hawaii inspired McPherson to take his art out of the country and document his life-changing experiences outside of his homeland.

Armed with his motto, "Adventure Never Ceases," McPherson's photography company, WillMac Designs, has captured images from all over the Western United States, focusing on the outdoor experience and the adventure lifestyle. Though primarily focused on capturing images of adventure, McPherson plans to expand the subjects of his photos to portraits of people and dogs. He has found a new adventure in the challenge of capturing the essence of these subjects. McPherson currently resides in Santa Fe with his wife, Keri Sauvage McPherson '10.

By Megan Waterman